6 thoughts on “Happy Teddy Photo

  1. Hey, TJ, that’s me, too, looking for the Crack Van, Chincilla Party, whatever it is that she’s calling it now.
    Although I will comment that I love Teddy – I call him my honorary Senator cuz I live in Red State Hell, so there is no hope in hell of my Senators representing me – so I’ve adopted Teddy and Russ.

  2. Hey TJ,
    I thought it was just me. Can’t access Atrios’ comments. How will I be able to watch the Chimp tonight without the Atriots? Heeellllp!
    Shaw Kenawe

  3. My Senators are Liddy Dole and some old republican white guy I’ve never heard of and who I don’t think does anything in DC except smoke cigars and and bang interns. Before that my Senators were Mary DINO Landrieu and David “Duke” Vitter.
    So I can relate. But, I am now living a few miles away from John Edwards’ campaign headquarters, so I can’t complain.
    Looking forward to the liveblogging of this disaster. Earlier at Eschaton we were praying for Chimpy to have a meltdown and get carted off in a straitjacket.
    (please god, please oh please I’ll do whatever you want.)
    See you around 9…
    TJ, espc!

  4. Oh hey Shaw, I’m assuming the asshats who run halobitch have taken it offline to fix it or something. Talk about fabulous timing.
    Stick around, there will be a special commenting platform here later–A. promised.

  5. Oh yeah, TJ, Chimpy having a meltdown is almost enough to make me actually WATCH him stamp his foot and say “I WILL send more troops, I will, I will, and you can’t stop me” instead of just experiencing it vicariously through the crack van.
    I just have a really hard time watching him speak about anything. I want to do damage to something when he starts jabbering. The moran.
    Back at 9.
    Wonder if A has warned them, or if we’ll kill the chinchillas again?

  6. Goldurnit, hellscam is broken AGAIN.
    When is the Crack Van arriving?
    TJ, extra spicy pinko commie!

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