KSFO Hate Radio History

Via El Gato Negro, here’s a history of KSFO’s transformation from a progressive station into the hateful cesspool it is now.

The details of the 1995 Emerson sitch, which was incredibly repulsive:

At the center of the current controversy is J. Paul Emerson, a star attraction in KSFO’s conservative “HotTalk” format. Emerson’s daily broadcasts consist almost wholly of bigoted epithets. For example, he has referred to gay men as “sick butt humpers” and describes Japanese Americans as “rotten and filthy.”

Most recently, Emerson used the public airwaves to call for the imprisonment of persons with AIDS, and he has repeatedly made false claims about how HIV is transmitted. Emerson insists that HIV is an airborne contagion, and he warns his listeners that gay people are purposely spreading the virus and endangering non-gays.

“Butt humpers?”

And if you value the work Spocko’s been doing, give him some of the change in your couch cushions.


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