I saw this Jan. 6th photo from New Orleans…

Shavers Hot 8 Brass

and thought of this Jan. 3rd photo from Baghdad…

Iraq funeral 3

Then I saw this last night on Nightline. They said “virtually every door” in the “mostly deserted” Baghdad Dora neighborhood have these markings to show that “coalition forces have gone in and cleared the area of insurgents”…

iraq x on house

And in New Orleans…


Bush’s Legacy will be the Tale of these Two Cities

10 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. That is some very creepy stuff!!!!! That is his legacy, regardless of what the boy king might try to say or do. The shame of a nation. But I will give him one bit of credit. He said he is a uniter and not a divider. He is actually living up to that one by uniting everyone together in universal hatred of HIM!

  2. They are rebuildling Baghdad about as fast as they are rebuilding New Orleans. Tale of Two Cities – perfect title for little George’s legacy.
    I can only hope that the American voters will learn something from this. Namely, that electing someone without any ability or qualification to the Presidency isn’t a good idea. And, a corollary to that, that a man or woman’s personal sex life is irrelevant when evaluating presidential candidates. And, before anyone points this out, I realize that the American voters have a learning disability.

  3. OK, hoppy, the feds *funding* the rebuilding of Baghdad.
    I *wish* they were funding the rebuilding of NOLA.

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