Call for 8/29 Investigation

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Well our down time meant I did not post on Holy Joe Lieberman’s covering of Bush’s butt with no Katrina investigation. Had I written about this however I would have called for exactly what Adrastos has…Let’s get Chairman Waxman to investigate.

From Adrastos

I’m urging my readers to email Chairman Waxman to urge the House to
thoroughly investigate this matter so that the feds will NOT compound
another disaster by repeating the same mistakes. (It’s what they do
best: look at the “new plan” for Iraq.) The committee has an email page
set up at its web site:LINK. I really think that all Mr. Waxman needs is some encouragement: his heart is in the right place.

Rhetorical question time: Is what I’m suggesting the same thing as what Levees.Org is suggesting in its petition drive?
No. While I think that my readers *should* sign their petition on
general principles, they’re agitating for an “independent nonpartisan
commission.” I think that a Congressional investigation with majority
and minority reports would have more teeth: Washington ain’t a
nonpartisan town, y’all. And both the 9/11 Commission and the Iraq
Study Group reports suffered from the need to satisfy all the
commissioners. Me, I want Henry Waxman and House Democrats to fry Bush
and Chertoff’s asses: an independent commission could be useful but its
report is likely to be (pun intended) watered down. You can’t take the
politics out of politics and a bipartisan commission is an attempt to
do just that.

So, email Chairman Waxman’s committee. Then, sign the petition.
It’s called covering all your bases; sort of like a cautious man who
wears both a belt and suspenders. As Mick Jagger says at one point on
the live album, Get Yer Ya-Yas Out: “You wouldn’t want me trousers to fall down now, would ya?”

EMAIL Chairman Waxman


6 thoughts on “Call for 8/29 Investigation

  1. Waxman is already complaining about how many cases there are to investigate, and has already said he will be focussing on Halliburton in Iraq. And Waxman is of course in the House — the House investigating what the Senate won’t…not the happiest category.
    The main effort has to be bombarding Lieberman with demands that he do his job, or calling on Reid to remove him. It’s his JOB. Send a petition to Reid.

  2. Never stop trying! I just sent my email to Congressman Waxman. My interest is intensified by living in the American city most likely to experience a disastrous flood – Sacramento, California. I see no reason why Mr. Waxman cannot multitask, and get investigations going whereever they are justified. Lieberman is, of course, useless as a senator, but Waxman is a very effective Congressman.

  3. Why can’t we do both — e-mail Lieberman and Reid AND write to Waxman? It seems to me that the more we push, the clearer it will be to our supposed representatives that we’re here and we’re paying attention.

  4. The reason why is that Waxman is completely overtaxed with investigating the illegal Iraq invasion contractors.
    It’s just one committee. They cannot take up every cause, no matter how relatively important.
    Please don’t tar me for saying that — I support New Orleans and think that FEMA ought to be put back the way Carter made it and Clinton honed it. I just know that putting energy into pressuring Waxman on this is not going to produce as good results as pressuring Reid and Schumer and other SENATORS. These are different bodies.
    Write to Senator Boxer or to your own Senator, get their opinion on the best way to proceed. The Senate needs to investigate FEMA top to bottom. That’s THEIR job.

  5. “I see no reason why Mr. Waxman cannot multitask, and get investigations going whereever they are justified.”
    ‘Multitask’? You clearly have no idea how involving addressing BILLIONS in warmonger theft and corruption will be. Don’t expect to see anything more than the bald top of Waxman’s head for the next five years.

  6. “I think I’ve lost a button off me trousers. I hope they don’t fall down.”
    It would appear we share the same trait known as ‘associative dementia’. It’s lots of fun, really, it is.

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