10 thoughts on “Ponies’ new home

  1. er, “newest” not “newist” – what was I thinking? Oh, yeah, was switching “Amelie” for “Say Anything”…John Cusack has that effect on me!

  2. Oh, Scout, you ARE Prime! That was GREAT!!! And as that song ended, my iTunes kicked in playing my newist rips and it was on “Basin Street Blues” from the Putamayo “New Orleans” c.d…damn, I wish I could get over to New Orleans – stoopit car (circa 1994) opted to have it’s CV joints go out…as I was saving for a new car (so that I can drive to New Orleans at whim on a weekend).
    There isn’t a day that goes by that New Orleans isn’t a part of for me – heck I have the “reNew Orleans” bumper sticker! I was glad to see it on another car here in Houston the other day.
    Blessings and positive, REAL New Orleans vibes/energies to you and all of Nola… If I could but get myself a job there, and one for my dearest man (a fabu chef, so it’s not impossible) there in a couple of years – I would so be there and a part of the arts/activist community. For now, gonna have to do what I can remotely.

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