Chimpy Scrapes Bottom in Diageo/Hotline Poll

How fitting that the dry-drunk president establishes an all-time low job approval rating (35%) in a poll sponsored by the corporate owners of Jose Cuervo Tequilla, Captain Morgan’s Rum, and Smirnoff Vodka.

The latest Diageo/Hotline Poll:

Following President Bush’s speech last week on his strategy for Iraq, the “surge” plan to send more troops to Iraq is met with strong opposition from the majority of registered voters. Close to six in ten (59%) oppose the plan, with Independents (58%) and Democratic identifiers (83%) expressing most displeasure with the strategy.

Voter opposition to the Bush plan is matched by their sense of urgency about the War. Opposition to the War continues to be named as the most important issue facing the country today (35%) as well as the top priority for the newly elected Congress in their first 100 hours on the job (34%). Healthcare (17%) and social security (13%) are also considered priorities, while stem cell research (22%) and tax cuts for corporations (30%) top the list of lowest priority issues for the new Congress.

The Diageo/Hotline Poll of 800 registered voters, conducted by Financial Dynamics from January 11-14, shows that Bush’s overall job rating is at 35% (down from 41% in November), the lowest on record by the Poll (May 2006 was the previous record, at 37%). Since November, Bush’s approval has dropped the most among Republicans, from 75% to 69%, followed by a 5% drop in approval among Independents (from 38% in November to 33% in January).


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