42 Hours…so with that spare time…

Having passed 6 measures, the Democrat’s 100 Hours agenda was done in 42 hours and 15 minutes (must pass in Senate yet)

With that spare time…what the NYT says:

The new Democratic leaders in Congress also need to recognize that
the many failures of Hurricane Katrina are more than just another
reason to criticize the president. They need to quickly outline their
own plans for salvaging New Orleans, so evacuees can once again call
their city home.

That New Orleans remains a shattered city is a
sad monument to impotence for the most powerful country in the world.
Our grand plans were never laid, our brightest minds were never
assembled, our nation’s muscle and ingenuity were never brought to bear
in any concerted way to overcome the crisis of the Gulf.

(h/t to Mr. Melpomene for NYT editorial)