Our New Home

Welcome, come right on in, no need to remove your shoes.

Basically, what happened is this: The hosting co’s chinch got hosed. Again. They blamed us, I don’t know what happened, and instead of having the same slapfight I’ve been having with them for the past four months, I took their not-so-polite suggestion to git and I got.

So now we’re here at Typepad. Be patient with us during our housewarming, as we try to serve you while figuring out where the movers left the forks. Mr. A and I will be customizing the shit out of this thing in the coming days and weeks, trying to get it to look and feel as much like the First Draft of old as we can, but without the happy-scrappy outages all the time.

We’re here, we’ve got plenty of spare room, you can crash on the couch if you want. Watch out for the ferrets. They get underfoot.


38 thoughts on “Our New Home

  1. Took forever but I found you thanks to the peeps at Dependable Renegade
    Place is nice…gonna put my feet up and stay awhile

  2. Way too cool.
    I have to let my buddy Black Sheep One know about this.
    One of the coolest blogs in Texas is a Typepad place, The People’s Republic of Seabrook. I’m so glad you decided to come to this system! (TPRS hasn’t been down for maintenance for more than 12 hours in over three years!)

  3. What a relief, I panicked when you disappeared for a while. I like the look of the new place, hope it works out better.

  4. New place is nice – I like it as is – don’t kill yourself trying to make it just like the old place, which had some funny performance quirks (for me, anyway).
    Four Legs – you either have to have verification, limit comments to registered users (or make anonymouses jump thru hoops), or gobs of spam. They’ll get it right I’m sure.

  5. I like the old look better…sorry! But I do look forward to the usual commentary resuming! Especially New Orleans updates…

  6. “Lots of space in this mall…”
    congratulations on the move, this is a much nicer niche in the inter-tubes than the old place.

  7. Yay! Nice digs indeed. And yes, I think Typepad is the way forward. Not that the old FD wasn’t very good, but if you were having perennial slapfights with the host (can you help being so popular?) then it’s time to move.
    I hope you can recover some of the archives from the old FD tho’. There were some humdingers that shouldn’t be forgotten.

  8. nice digs, just make sure the archives didn’t fall off the truck on the way over

  9. Pink is nice, the look is fresh, the ponies are awesome, and the Four Posters of the Apocalypse all ROCK!

  10. Ahh… I was beginning to worry. Thank the goddess (beginning with A or any other letter).
    I’ll help unpack. Where ya want the 1982 World Book Encyclopedias? Next to the National Geos?

  11. Yikes! I’m gone for twelve hours and you guys move out…Now I’m afraid I might break something. I’ll see if I can find a nice place to sit out of the way.

  12. Nice. Very nice. A shame to track up the new carpets with Bushit. Oh well. Now, which of these boxes is the liquor in?
    Oh yeah, someone remembered the turtles, right?

  13. Jeez…you didn’t even leave a forwarding address. Glad WT found out where you’d scurried off to.
    I blame Holden. It was the ponies what did it.

  14. Fourlegs, we’re gonna work on making it easier. First day, and all. I’ll see if there’s any way to change it. I really don’t want to lock unregistered people out. Maybe we can do Haloscan, or something. First we have to get our Blogads switched over and the archives up. And I don’t know what the fuck happened to our sitemeter. One minute it’s there, next minute it’s not.
    Gah. I hate moving.

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