Mondale vs. Big Time

We now know Americans believe that Chimpy is a much worse president than Jimmy Carter was, and it’s probably safe to say they would hold a similar opinion about Mondale vs. Big Time.

Former vice president Walter Mondale on Friday criticized Vice President Dick Cheney’s role in the White House, and said former president Jimmy Carter never would have tolerated Cheney’s actions.

“I think that Cheney has stepped way over the line,” Mondale said.


Mondale said Cheney and his assistants pressured federal agencies as they prepared information for President Bush.

“I think Cheney’s been at the center of cooking up farcical estimates of national risks, weapons of mass destruction and the 9/11 connection to Iraq,” he said.

Mondale said that does not serve the president, because he needs facts.

“If I had done as vice president what this vice president has done, Carter would have thrown me out of there,” Mondale said. “I don’t think he could have tolerated a vice president over there pressuring and pushing other agencies, ordering up different reports than they wanted to send us. I don’t think he would have stood for it.”


2 thoughts on “Mondale vs. Big Time

  1. Mondale hammers Cheney, OK, thanks.
    But Mondale knows that Cheney is just the bubo on top of the bubo that is the Corporate predator class. He also should know very well that Cheney is what all of America is going to see that he is — namely a warmonger, whose Halliburton has stolen huge amounts of cash and delivered the worst service they could, while engaging in utterly illegal contracting fraud.
    What a bunch of heroes. Cheney to resign within four months, if we get the right investigations and sufficient unMuffled Media coverage.

  2. “ordering up different reports than they wanted to send us.”
    and Walter Mondale nails it in one sentence.

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