Hillary Fans

Are there any? Would they like to tell me — I’m not being facetious here, I’m really honestly asking — why they’re fans?

Because I don’t get it. It’s like Atrios is always saying about McCain, that his base is … who, exactly? I know a lot of people who want a woman president, who’d like the chance to vote for a woman nominee. I’m one of those people, in that all things being equal and the candidate being qualified and satisfying my many requirements I’d love it if that candidate was a chick. But I don’t know anybody dying to vote for Hillary Clinton herself.

So if anybody out there is head-over-heels I’d appreciate the information. Because based on her announcement today, for the next year and a half I’m gonna get shit from all my wingnut relatives about “Hitlery,” and it might be nice to have something good to say to slap ’em down.


ps. Though I do love that she’s in the race for one reason: It might just finally be the thing that makes the bloated balloon that is Rush Limbaugh’s fat head finally explode.

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  1. As for the statement that if she were Hilary Smith she wouldn’t be anywhere, I believe that’s simply untrue. I think if she were Hilary Smith, she would probably be taken much more seriously.
    She’s a very intelligent, very hardworking person. She is saying the right things and has been for a while. Yes, she was wrong on the war, and that’s a big deal. Yes, I wish she hadn’t voted to confirm Rice and Gonzales. But she has been on the right side on a lot of issues that are important to me (she’s my Senator, so I’ve been keeping an eye on her), including pushing the administration to legalize Plan B contraception.
    Granted, the wingnuts would hate her if she were Hilary Smith. That’s because they hate women, period, and they really hate smart, capable women. But I think the fact that she’s married to Bill just gives the right wing more “reason” to jump all over her; I think she would get a lot more credit for the things she does and says if she didn’t have that handicap.
    I haven’t made up my mind about the 2008 Presidential race yet, but if she were the nominee, I wouldn’t have any trouble voting for her.
    And in the meantime, I’m going to keep pushing her to do the right thing with respect to all the shit that’s happening now.

  2. I know of some Hillary supporters: the DLC, Corporations, MSM, her consultants. As for real voters: none.
    Hello, I’m Hecate Demetersdatter; nice to meet you.
    I’m a real voter and a Hillary supporter. I’m not in the DLC, neither am nor work in a corporation, nor the MSM, nor as a consultant to Hillary.
    Now, you know at least one.

  3. I don’t have anything against Hillary. I just don’t think she’s the right person for the job right now. She’s a wonk. If the country was prosperous and peaceful and moving down the right path, a wonk like the Clintons is just who we need to lead the country, because wonks take what’s working and make it work even better. But wonks aren’t dreamers, and I think this country is hungry for a dreamer who can help us find a better way and lead this country down a better path. Why do you think the Kossites squee like teenage girls whenever Obama burps out something that even vaguely sounds like he’s looking forward to a better America?
    In the next election, we will have an opportunity that we haven’t had since Nixon screwed up the Republican Party in the early 70’s. Let’s not squander it *again* by electing Jimmy Carter Lite to office. Because we all know how that worked the first time. Jimmy was — and is — a nice man. But he did not know what to do with the historic opportunity that had been granted to him — and neither does Hillary, if she’s elected.
    – Badtux the Political Penguin

  4. I am happy she is in the race. It is exciting to have a woman candidate who could actually win. She is not currently the person I would prefer to win the nomination, as I am on the more liberal side of the party. However, I think she is smart and a good person and a good Democrat. I would be happy to campaign and vote for her if she wins the nomination.

  5. I know of some Hillary supporters: the DLC, Corporations, MSM, her consultants. As for real voters: none.

  6. Go to bartcop.com; he’ll bite your head off if you say anything negative about her. He’s *very* strongly in favor of her, any arguments or logic aside.

  7. She’s smart and compassionate. Just the antidote to Bush, who if there is justice, will be tried for war crimes after he’s done

  8. BTW: I was told, yet again, on the radio today that “Hillary is a very polarizing peson: You either love her or you hate her”.
    Well, Mr. Lazy CBS Radio person, I neither love her, nor hate her.
    – robertearle

  9. It’s true– one of the main reasons I would love to see Hillary win the presidency is that the sound of Rethug exploding heads would be deafening. Less self-indulgently, as posted above, she knows how to win and though she has taken positions I could never agree with, I’d rather fight
    policies that need tweaking– not wholesale revision (or the shredder). Another 8 years of these Dominionists and we can all kiss our asses goodbye.

  10. I’ll need to hear some more before I can decide (and from Hillary Clinton as opposed to Mrs. Clinton). At this point, from what I know about her, I have a favorable impression and resonate with the issues she has taken up.
    In the past election/primary, I was most in favor of Edwards.
    The one thing I hate is that the republican thugs have had 15 years practice in how to demonize her (admittedly they would try to demonize anyone). I’ll hate seeing her go through what she almost certainly will.

  11. Just in case my earlier comment was not understood: I did not comment on my feelings about Hillary, only about the fact that being a Clinton gives her huge name recognition, thus lots of support. Personally I haven’t decided who I want to win the nomination, but I expect to campaign for whomever it is. I have no strong objections to Hillary at this point, just a wish that she had come out against the Iraq invasion back when it might have made a difference.

  12. “ps. Though I do love that she’s in the race for one reason: It might just finally be the thing that makes the bloated balloon that is Rush Limbaugh’s fat head finally explode.”
    Are you kidding? The happiest person in the country at her announcement was Limpballs. He’s got two years of guaranteed red meat for his drooling listeners. If there were any concerns that his audience may start to drift away, Hillary running for preznit is about the best magnet imaginable.

  13. OK. I like her a lot. Some of it’s personal; I “get” her and like who she is. But beyond that, she’s smart as hell and, obviously, has intestines made of steel, both of which are good things for a president to have. She’s always been concerned about children and about giving them a safe, secure, clean, healthy place to grow up and a good education. She’s been a great Senator from NY and even people there who started out not liking her now love her. And, yeah, I want to see a woman president. We seem to think it’s ok to vote for male candidate after male candidate who only partly represents us (Kerry’s stance on gay marriage comes to mind) but that we can’t vote for Hillary unless she’s perfect. I’ll support her in the primary unless Gore runs or unless one Edwards or Obama (unlikely) convinces me that he’s more serious about global warming than Hillary is.

  14. The key here with Hillary is she’s a winner. She knows how to get what she wants, and usually that includes the interests of the people she serves. There’s a very good reason why she’s so popular in her own state, it’s because she spends more time working for the people rather than worrying what people think of her.
    Personally, I’m more of an Obama fan, but that’s only because Obama reminds me so much of Bill. I have huge respect for Hillary as a person, because she has a lot of self-respect and an intense sense of moral duty. It’s not that she feels entitled to power – it’s that she’s very good at following through with whatever she puts her mind to. You really have to admire her sense of faith in the American people.

  15. …liberals hate her
    I’m a liberal, and I don’t hate her. Is she my ideal candidate? No, but then neither was Kerry, nor Gore, nor Clinton in ’92.
    I will have no problem *whatsoever* supporting Hillary if she is the nominee.
    – robertearle

  16. Your p.s. echoes my thoughts exactly. Not enough reason to support her, of course, but I do love the thought of that explosion.

  17. i’d love a qualified woman as president, but Hillary is not her. Hillary is too phoney, too manupulative, too much of a triangulator.
    we chastise republicns for putting party over country. supporting Hillary because she’s a woman is the same thing – identity politics…not good for the country.

  18. I’m in the same camp as most here. To me, despite the fact that she’s a woman and a democrat, she represents (largely) business as usual and, as noted, she would serve as a lightning rod for the right.
    However, to most Republicans, she IS the Democratic Party. It always surprises me that most of the republicans I know and/or meet, just assume that I support her. It seems that they think we are just like them- a big hive surrounding one monolithic leader, and it’s her. If I bring up Edwards or Obama or Feingold, they sort of just wave them off like they are from some fringe twilight zone.

  19. I’m with you there Black Sheep. If the office was not so important I would love to see Hilary be first woman President. IMO some conservatives would expatriate, literally conservative heart attacks on election night, they would foam at the mouth, scream and howl every damn day that she was in office. It would be hilarious and interesting to watch.
    Unfortunately, it would also serve to bring the right together and it would not surprise me at all if someone tried to assassinate her.

  20. ps. Though I do love that she’s in the race for one reason: It might just finally be the thing that makes the bloated balloon that is Rush Limbaugh’s fat head finally explode.
    For that alone, I could stand to see her win; if I just didn’t have to live through her campaign first.

  21. The only people who really want Hillary to run are (A) the media, because then they can write about Bill’s winkie, and (B) the Republicans, because they know that’s just about the only way they can return to the White House.
    Conservatives hate her, moderates hate her, liberals hate her.

  22. I think that if you take some time to learn about her as the junior senator from NY — and NOT the caricature that she has been portrayed as by the right (and some on the left) you might feel differently.
    She may not be as liberal as some would want, and that’s a legitimate reason to support a different candidate. But it seems like an awful lot of people are ready to trash her without really knowing much about her.

  23. Running as Hillary Rodham I doubt that she would be able to raise two nickles in campaign funds, and her supporters would be her family. It’a a little like GWBush, if he had run as Frank Smith. Name recognition is a valuable asset to a politician.

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