Well there is only one game I am truly interested in today…Saints v Bears. Who I’ll be rooting for in this contest is a no brainer for 2 reasons. First I love the city and people of NOLA. This game is huge for them (read Oyster).

So that ought to be enough but also in the mix and can not be ignored is the fact of the  Packer fan relationship to the Bears. In sum…we hate da Bears. Now before any of you Bears’ fans give me hell let me explain by way of this story.

When I was in graduate school in Milwaukee and living in Green Bay (another story) I worked as a hotel porter. One of our tasks was to pick up NFL officials for Packer games and also take them to the airport after the games. The latter was very interesting as during the ride to the airport they would talk about the game and the players. They also would offer me large sums of money to run all the red lights to get them to the airport on time. But I digress.

One of my friends also worked as a porter. One day she returned from picking up an NFL official and had a most puzzling look on her face. I asked what was up and she said she’s had the weirdest conversation with the official riding in to the hotel…

OFFICIAL: Are you excited about the game?
FRIEND: Oh yeah. I hate the Bears
OFFICIAL: Tell me just why is that?
FRIEND: Ah ..well…ummm…ah…We’re born that way

After the recounting, she and I shook our heads in dismay, saying …Sheesh how could he not know THAT!

That folks is the best answer I have ever heard to explain the Packer/Bear conflict at least for those above the Northern border.

It is, what it is, so for any of our readers who are Bears’ fans please understand, though I am older, wiser and more peaceful…nature still calls…so do understand when I say big and bold Geaux Saints!!!


5 thoughts on “Football!

  1. I’m sitting here, reading and typing, because the game is so very much over (and as I’m typing the Bears just scored again). So, sorry Scout, and Saints fans. Believe me, I know the feeling.
    Penguin – trying to answer your question is, well, “like trying to tell a stranger ’bout rock-n-roll”
    Attatuck – as a life-long Packer fan, I think the thing that Vikings fans hate more than anything about the Packers, is that the Packer fans hate the Bears more than the Vikings. (Correct me if I’m wrong) but the Packers are the Vikings #1 enemy, and it galls them that Packer fans don’t reciprocate, but rather will cite the Bears as their #1. (But lemme tell ya – you guys are gaining!
    I’m already looking forward to next year. Go Pack Go!
    – robertearle

  2. LOL flory!!!!
    attaturk…well in last years I’d say animosity towards Vikes has prollie been more so than towards Bears
    BadTux…penguins are prollie just too nice to get it

  3. I understand completely. Its a genetic thing. Redskins fans have exactly the same relationship to that bogus “Merica’s Team” in Dallas.
    I spit in their general direction.
    Oh — Go Saints!!

  4. I never did quite “get” why folks got so uptight about a children’s game played by men in tights (maybe it’s all those big muscular butts waving around, that appeal to the womenfolk and the latent homosexuality of redneck America?). Can anybody explain to a penguin what exactly it is about this American “football” thing that arouses such emotions? Why would I want to watch a children’s game being played by grown-ups on television anyhow, rather than going to my local park and watching the kids play?
    Yet another case of the Reality Distortion Vortex that has sucked American civil society into a black hole, I suppose…
    – Badtux the Puzzled Penguin

  5. OFFICIAL: Are you excited about the game?
    FRIEND: Oh yeah. I hate the Bears
    OFFICIAL: Tell me just why is that?
    FRIEND: Ah ..well…ummm…ah…We’re born that way
    Ah yes, the blind disdain of the Bear-Packer-Viking loathe triangle. Being born in Minnesota I know that we come late to the rivalries (46 years vs. 87) but it is still very intense.
    The poor Lions, they come in a distant 4th even when it comes to the rivalries in the NFC North.

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