Your President Speaks!

This edition of Your President Speaks! is hampered by the fact that the folks at USA Today edited Your President’s glorious words, offering elipses in place of his less coherent phrases and parenthetical suggestions when he misplaced a word.

Shame on you, USA Today.

He Never Got Past Two-Times-Two In His Timestables

We don’t set timetables in this administration because an enemy will adjust their tactics based upon perceived action by the United States… That’s a timetable; I just told you we don’t put out timetables.

Brought to Justice

In other words, Iraqi troops and U.S. troops will be able to chase down these death squad leaders and these people that are wreaking havoc on some of the neighborhoods inside of Baghdad, regardless of their political affiliation. I said that’s important. And then notice the other day that 500 or 600 militia have been brought to justice as a result of … primarily Iraqi-led operations with U.S. help.

Wiretap for Der Fatherland!

It’s also why I felt like the ruling on terrorist surveillance program was very important, because presidents will need to use this tool to better protect the homeland.

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime Killers

I see, first of all, Baghdad as a place where Iraqis, more and more, are taking the lead in operations, just like they did the other day in taking the lead against killers, but operations against people who would do harm to the Iraqi citizens.

Are Necessary Flexibility

Actually, the reforms within No Child Left Behind that are necessary flexibility without backsliding on standards; flexibility at the local level to help people improve failing schools; and making sure that parents have got the option of moving after a period of time if their child is stuck in a failed school.

Not A Person

There’s a lot of people in Washington that say the federal government ought to run health care. I’m not one.

Getting A Bit Testy About The Legacy

Q: Did you see The Washington Post historical forum on your legacy, because one of the historians, Eric Foner, called you the worst president ever.

A: No, I didn’t see it.

Q: Is that something that bothers you?

A: My legacy will be written long after I’m president.

Q: I know you’re a fan of history, though. Do you see yourself as a possible Truman?

A: I’ve got two years to be president.I guess people with idle time like yourself can think about this. I’ve got a job to do, and I’m going to do it.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. I guess people with idle time like yourself can think about this.
    Says the man who has spent 2 years out of 6 on vacation in some form.

  2. I agree with Bush. (!!!) Some people can think about things. Others lack that ability. Most of us manage to multi-task – thinking and doing things at the same time, and quite often the thinking is about the things we are doing. Someone might want to explain that phenomenon to Bush.

  3. >>A: My legacy will be written long after I’m president.
    true – and in the long run, we’re all dead.
    a sentiment george w. bush is doing his damndest to make a reality.

  4. “I’ve got a job to do, and I’m going to do it.”
    Tragically true, you nimrod.
    BTW — 28% in CBS poll — Holden you’re getting into Man O’ War territory.

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