Jonah’s an Idiot

Jonah had a column yesterday complaining how Democrats Love to Use The Children.He cites Hillary, Pelosi and Boxer as using kids. He then goes on about the evil genius of Dems’ policies to help children such as this example…

By making The Children the beneficiaries of welfare rather than the adults, the left could portray any attempt to curb the welfare state as “anti-child.”

He concludes with…

Children are hugely important. But they shouldn’t be a Trojan horse for policies you can’t sell fair and square.

Imagine using the needs of children to sell policies for children!

Republicans would never use children in this way!

No they use them for photo ops when they lack policies for children.
Here is Laura in New Orleans recently…at the same time that 300 children in that city have been turned away from schools because there is no room or teachers for them.


Oh and Easter with Katrina Kids at the time that studies showed 100,000 children of Katrina would develop PTSD. The mental health care crisis continues to this day.


And a few more Katrina kids with the Prez…who didn’t even mention the Gulf Coast in the State of the Union


And Republicans would never use children to save their ass in a scandal.

Allen just happened to be at an Ethnic Rally and met…
“What’s your name son? Macaca?”


Then there is Rep Reynolds using children as human shields at a press conference to deflect questions on his role in the Foley scandal


Speaking of which, there are even worse Republican Uses of kids



9 thoughts on “Jonah’s an Idiot

  1. We just canceled our LA Times subscription. The woman on the phone kept trying to get me to change my mind. Finally she said,
    “Is there anything we can do to get you to keep your subscription?” I said “Yes, Fire Jonah Goldberg.” I told her it is not that I mind conservative columnists- I just mind idiots who get such a privileged platform. It ain’t right.

  2. Jonah: just another pathetic resident of Fantasy Land.
    (I see the “posted by” issue got fixed- cool!)

  3. indeed. i seem to remember them being used zagainst stem cell research.
    and fetuses seem to have lots more rights than the incubators.

  4. Yeah maybe Dems do use kids but at least we don’t ABUSE them…
    And I am not talking about sexually.
    I did the income taxes for myself and my husband. In 2005, according to my tax software, my daughter would have paid 7% on her “income” (grandpa died and left her a couple of annuities and the interest is taxable to her). She would have paid her own income bracket’s taxes., not ours.
    THIS year for 2006 those pesky republicans pushed through a provision that makes sure she pays OUR income bracket tax which is TRIPLE what she would have had to pay if they had left it alone.
    Her pals who are trying to save $$ for college are going to be in for a very rude awakening when they find out they have to pay more in income taxes… wonder who they will blame. Prolly democrats since most of them are too ignorant to follow anything but the latest fashion or football game.

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