Rendition for the Renditoneers

Following in the footsteps of their Italian counterparts, German prosecutors pursue CIA agents involved in Chimpy’s “extraordinary rendition” kidnapping/torture schemes.

Prosecutors in the southern German city of Munich today obtained warrants for 13 CIA agents they say were involved in the kidnapping of a German citizen, Khaled el Masri.

Christian Schmidt-Sommerfeld, the Munich prosecutor, said the warrants had been issued by a local court this week.

The Bush administration has resisted any suggestion that it might allow the extradition of American agents.

3 thoughts on “Rendition for the Renditoneers

  1. Maple Street says:

    Just saw a newsblurb and can’t substantiate it, but there is a report out that a judge in Spain has ordered the declassification of information on the clandestine flights.
    If this should turn out to be true, it would make fascinating reading?????

  2. Satan luvvs Repugs says:

    But if they’re abducted by bounty-hunters, spirited across a border, and flown to the jurisdiction seeking them, it must be A-okay.
    ‘Cause that’s what the USA would do.

  3. Nora says:

    I suppose the Bush administration doesn’t like the idea that any judge anywhere in the world might try to tell them that they’re breaking the law, or demonstrate that their actions have consequences in the real world.
    Rule of law, anyone?

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