3 thoughts on “John’s Videos Are Pissing Me Off

  1. The brave young members of the AmeriKKKan Wehrmacht have elevated shitting on the Iraqis and their country to the level of an extreme sport. Tell me again why I’m supposed to get all broken up and emotional when these freaks end up facing off against a bunch of particularly badass insurgents and end up in body bags? What goes around comes around – that saying is everybit true in war as it is in civilian life. Support the troops? Fuck no!

  2. A warning to all for the “and we wonder why they hate us ii”, which is the first link. It’s a little upsetting for anybody that likes dogs. Or living things. I only made about ten seconds in before I had to stop. And I’m betting that was the mild part.
    Make that very upsetting. Very.

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