What Is This, Crack On Barney Day?

FIrst it was Laura

It was suggested that women take a daily walk with a friend, spouse or dog. “Barney can’t even walk. He’s obese, I think,” Mrs. Bush quipped about the First Canine.

Then Chimpy chimed in.

I thank Jim Rutherford, the President and General Manager of the team. The guy has got a lot of — he’s a pretty aggressive guy. I just met him, and he said, I saw Barney outside; you’re feeding him too much. Probably right.


8 thoughts on “What Is This, Crack On Barney Day?

  1. Well, if shrub would quit using Barney as a canine shield and PUT HIM DOWN so that he COULD walk – he wouldn’t be in that predicament. Of course, he might be unable to walk since his back injury (when the dumb@ss in chief dropped him on the tarmac) and also no muscle tone/control down there, after being carried everywhere…
    The dog is definitely a tell-tale of how this country is doing thanks to bushco.

  2. “I just met him, and he said, I saw Barney outside; you’re feeding him too much”
    Jim Rutherford — now *there* is a man who is not afraid to speak truth to power!
    Thanks –

  3. Maybe the SPCA or HSUS can get him taken away from the idiot in chief on dog abuse charges.
    That has happened, in England I think, where these two dopey brothers over fed their retriever to the point where he could not walk.

  4. It’s a stock joke. Substitute Jenna for Barney and drunk for obese and it still works. It’s like MadLibs.
    “______ can’t even walk. S/he’s _____, I think,”

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