A Housekeeping Note

If you click the “archives” link to your right, or click here, all our back content is now online and available to you.

I’m working on finding a better internal search mechanism. The one we have up claims I didn’t write anything. Suggestions for that are welcome.


4 thoughts on “A Housekeeping Note

  1. Aha! You are purging your archives of foul-mouthed moonbattery in anticipation of working for a political campaign! Oh, you aren’t? My bad!

  2. Scout Prime says:

    Where’s my Malkin is a Fucking Idiot post?

  3. pansypoo says:

    i promise not to bitch about the new font.
    i’ll just muddle through.

  4. virgotex says:

    A-remember, it’s not the lying, it’s cover up.

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