Your Moment of “WTF?”

Bush Opposes The Iraq War.

[Bush] repeated his belief that if he were called by a pollster and asked whether he approved of the war in Iraq, he would say, “You can put me down as a no.”

3 thoughts on “Your Moment of “WTF?”

  1. LizDexic says:

    It’s because he’s a congenital liar.

  2. Squirm says:

    How cute. That’s not a question any poll asks. They ask about *his* handling of the war.
    It’s a lame reframe attempt.

  3. mdhatter says:

    Perfect Congress of 2002: “Mr President, is giving you this much power a good idea”
    Imaginary Honest Bush: “Hell No! I break everything i touch”
    It -could- have happened. They never asked,
    Therefore it is all congress’ fault.

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