NRO swampland humor

The Corner kids think they are so funny when generating hilarity in kicking a destroyed city down.Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief rings it all in with his post “Clown Derby.” That would be Derby as in Derbyshire. But first there are these clowns…

Fellow Corner resident Mark Steyn chimed in: “Derb, I’m with
you on New Orleans– welfare swamp enlivened by occasional transsexual
hookers”. 01/25 12:30 PM

Jonah’s reply: “Now That’s a Slogan.
Mark describes New Orleans as a “welfare swamp enlivened by occasional
transsexual hookers.” I love it!” 01/25 12:47 PM

Oyster gives the kids a richly deserved spanking all of which out to be read but here is a part…

I guess I should take comfort in the fact that if self
confessed “racists” and “homophobes” like John Derbyshire– or any of
the other conservative pantloads at NRO– actually liked and understood
New Orleans, it wouldn’t be the city that it is: a stupid, lifeless,
bookless, mall-rich, pigmented, transgendered, welfare swamp…right? Or, at least, that’s the characterization that NRO writers would have their “intelligent” readers believe.

short, the contributors at NRO think New Orleans deserves random
ridicule and juvenile cheap shots while it recovers from the biggest
(man-made) catastrophe in U.S. history. I’m sure they were doing the
same thing to NYC after 9/11, right?

Do read it all.

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