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  1. Dumb Question: How are the Dems supposed to reach across the aisle in a bipartisan effort if the Repugs refuse to even debate an issue which the American public has made it clear they want changed?

  2. Now doesn’t the Democrats fear of filibusters seem a little silly? Remember when the Democratic leadership gave up any possible filibusters out of fear they might look un-American or something? As much as the current crop of Republican congress folks disgust me, I will say they have ten times the backbone of the Democrats.

  3. hoppycalf — if by backbone you mean “stubborn stupidity” and “iron discipline strong enough to continue sending other people’s kids to war when the war has already been lost” then yes, they have the discipline to toe the party line long after the party is over. They can even get a complete tool like Lieberman to tango with them most of the time.
    But surely this is not the kind of backbone that should be admired? Isn’t it about time that someone, somewhere do what scout did here: call them on their bullshit, hang them out to dry. Sununu and Gregg are from my neck of the woods — I can’t wait to send a letter to the editor of our local rag highlighting their voting record on this one when it comes time for re-election. They may have silenced the debate on the war, but let’s at least wrap this around their necks like a burning tire and watch them squirm.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me at all. When he voted to abolish the minimum wage entirely, that was really all I needed to know about what kind of “maverick” Hagel is.

  5. …it cannot be overstated to moderates or suggestable lefties: Do NOT make the McCain ’04 mistake with regard to Chuck Hagel. Each of them in his own was can engender a certain cachet that makes some otherwise smarter segments of the voting population suddenly think that he is the crossover answer. While he may not suffer from the hungering duplicity that grips John McCain in his quest to be president, the fact remains that Chuck Hagel is an honest-to-God American war veteran who objects to the prosecution of Gee Dub’s little adventure but in no other way has any sympathy or connection with Democratic values. Time was wasted in ’04 talking about McCain on the ticket; that exercise should be the teaching moment for any Democratic flirtations with Hagel. He is best treated as being – in the classic sense – “the enemy of my enemy”…

  6. In addition to slamming Hagel…
    Wasn’t Gordon Smith the guy who stood up on the Senate floor and said Bush’s war is totally F**ked up, and that he couldn’t in good conscience support it anymore.

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