Edwards …take a Cue from a Krewe

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As Atrios says, any campaign that doesn’t know how to deal with wingnut attacks should just fold. So seeing this from an Edwards spokesperson is troubling…

Mr. Edwards’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, said Tuesday night that the campaign was weighing the fate of the two bloggers.

If I may suggest to the Edwards campaign…go read Maitri for an illustrative example of a response to an attack. Maitri is a member of the Mardi Gras Krewe du Vieux whose King this year was Times Picayune columnist Chris Rose. Rose did some fence sitting in a column addressing a conservative Catholic group’s protest of the Krewe’s so called blasphemies. Here is part of what Maitri wrote…

Where in these two sentences did Rose get the idea that Lewis, [Krewe’s Captain] much
less the rest of Krewe du Vieux, means no offense? We’re not
apologetic, we don’t seem to have any regret about our krewe’s themes …
ever. Ironically, the only float decisions some of us have anguished
over, staunch Christians included, is being too conservative.


It is a joke, and most of us do mean offense.
It’s not art for art’s sake (our floats and costumes may be construed
as art, but that’s in the eye of the beer holder); we’re having fun. If
you’re offended, don’t come to the parade. That’s what the rest of
Mardi Gras is for.

One of the problems with American self-righteousness today is
that we are turning into Catholic / Christian / Muslim / Hindu /
Atheist first and Americans second. The First Amendment exists for a
reason, and we’re sticking to it.

If the Edwards’ campaign caves to the likes of Malkin and Bill Donohue I would question what exactly did he learn from ’04. Do they really want to hear the inevitable chorus of Flip Flop? And this is only the beginning of a long campaign.

4 thoughts on “Edwards …take a Cue from a Krewe

  1. Please tell me this and the other “Hey, Edwards – grow a pair!” posts are being sent to him and his peeps.

  2. jeez- When did Donohue get involved? He’s a worse crackpot than Malkin.
    Like I said in my “poo slinger” post the other day, this is just shit slinging. And like you said, this is early yet. I will be incredibly disappointed in Edwards if he drops them. And he’s just painting a Kick Me sign on his back if he does.

  3. I’ll tell Edwards right now, if he drops them, he can go fuck himself. The blogging community will crucify him.

  4. Frankly, he can cave away; I don’t care to see him on my ballot. It’d be too bad for Amanda and Melissa but they elected to sign on with him so …

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