Tweety drops F bomb

Think Progress has video of Chris Matthews dropping the F bomb on Imus today…

“…so sick of Southern guys with ranches running this country. I want a
guy to run for President who doesn’t have a f**king ā€” I’m sorry, a
ranch. Wouldn’t that be good. Not a, a guy who wasn’t on the ranch during Katrina, he was on the street corner answering questions.”

I like the Katrina quote

3 thoughts on “Tweety drops F bomb

  1. I’m all for Tweety dropping the F bomb, and I despise Bush, so I’m down with the general thrust.
    However… ahem… ehn…ehn{clambers onto soapbox}
    1) Bush ain’t no Southerner, nor is he a Texan, no matter how hard he tries.
    2) What he’s got in Crawford ain’t no ranch, no matter what he calls it. I can call my cubicle at work a ranch too, but that doesn’t mean it is.
    3)how about some historical context, Tweetster?
    LBJ, a real Texan with a real ranch, was in NOLA within the first 24 hours after Hurricane Betsy, on the ground, in storm shelters that didn’t have electricity, using a flashlight talking to folks, answering questions.

  2. Wait a minute, I remember it wasn’t all that long ago that Tweety could be counted on to regularly trot out his kneepads and make with the slurpy-slurpy whenever the subject of Preznit Brushfarm came up.
    Oh yeah, that’s right… now he’s publicly fapping over the footage of Rudy in a dress, how long before he repeats the absurd comparison between one of his new favourite rethugs and Lincoln like he did with Chimpy

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