Bill Donahue: Moral Authority

Here’s Captain Squirrel Nut speaking at that Justice Sunday event I mentioned:

BILL DONAHUE: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

It is great to be here amongst friends. You know, I know a lot of the people in the media are wondering why are Catholics and Evangelicals getting together? I have got news for you. Get used to it, all right.

We are here because we are concerned about the culture. The heart and soul of any culture has always been religion. But in our society over the last 30, 40 years, it seems that the courts are trying to take the heart and soul of our culture. The courts are making the decisions for us. It’s not the legislative branches. And look at the decisions that they are making. They are making it out of whole cloth. They come up with this idea in 1965 of our constitutional right to privacy.

And then in 1973, they come with the idea that somehow it’s okay to kill the kids, that this is somehow reproductive rights. This is a manmade kind of situation, people. There is nothing in the Constitution, which would allow anyone to argue that you can in fact abort a child. That is simply made up by the judges. (Applause.)

And equal protection before the law is written in 1868 so you couldn’t have one law for whites and one law for blacks. How did they go from that to the idea that two guys can get married? How do you figure that one out? Then you get the idea of eminent domain. We understand that. The government takes the right of property to make a highway, not to make some rich developer richer. And this is what the judges have been doing. It has nothing to do with the reality that you and I know.

Transcript continues under the cut. Good chewy stuff in here, including his comparing evangelicals to Rosa Parks and his calling Hitchens an “atheist, anti-Catholic bigot.” So apparently it’s an all-purpose term:

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  1. It’s not even just abortion with them anymore. Notice how he went after Griswold v. Connecticut? The whole notion of a constitutional right to privacy is on his agenda as something morally repellent.
    People like him make me ashamed to admit to being Catholic.

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