Columnwhoring: William Donahue Edition

It’s been in the tank for a while, but with Bigot Bill opening his crazy mouth about Amanda and Shakespeare’s Sister today, I feel I need to highlight this bit:

What truly ridiculous people Musgrave and Allard are, and what a truly ridiculous conversation they started. The little war on gay marriage they started gave rise to some of the more sincerely stupid political moments of the past six years:

Now-former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) compared homosexual relationships to “man-on-dog” sex while speaking with a reporter.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said lesbians were “something I’d expect to see in an asylum, frankly” when he spoke to Justice Sunday, a gathering of far-right evangelical Christian activists.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas.), had his staff write him a speech that likened marriage equality to “your neighbor marrying a box turtle.”

He chickened out at the last minute and didn’t use the line, but coming as it did on the heels of Santorum’s pronouncements, the incident certainly gave rise to speculation about whether any pets have been harmed recently while conducting government business.

Presumaby, since he didn’t say “fucking lesbians,” ABC and the AP are just fine with using him as a barometer of civility.



Update: Reader EJ and alert commenter Steph point out that Donohue was actually talking about gay men, not lesbians.

8 thoughts on “Columnwhoring: William Donahue Edition

  1. I’m starting to feel very sad about how this skirmish is playing out. Angry and sad. Angry that cynical,manipulate, and hateful invective -about a non-issue—spewed by thirdrate professional fruitbats like Donohue and Malkin can influence a campaign run by a candidate who claims he speaks “for the people.”
    Angry that Edwards campaign seems to just be tucking their tail between their legs. What an inspiration to the netroots. Way to go, John.
    At moments like this it seems we are going backwards not forwards.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up. We need to keep finding examples of right wing bigots to highlight. I don’t know if the best tack to take is to go after Donohue and Malkin, or to go after St. McCain’s and Rudy’s staff for the same sins (The best defence . . . ). I was thinking we should do a video of all these haters, maybe using Malkins dramatic reading, but just the ugly close-ups, with their own filthy words laid over top. Just a thought.

  3. Well, I just emailed Mr. Edwards to let him know that I’ve fired him! No support, no vote. A real stand-up guy.

  4. It’s not just Groundhog Day. Seeing the path from Rick Moran (wingnut blogger) to Terry Moran (ABC pretty boy) made it scarily clear how smooth the path is from the extreme right to the networks.

  5. Steph Mineart –
    Thanks for the link.
    Transcript: Remarks by William Donohue of the Catholic League at “Justice Sunday,” April 24, 2005
    “Let me tell ya, and it’s not just Catholics and Protestants, some orthodox Jews the other day have set up an organization last Thursday, Don Feder and others, to fight against anti-Christian sentiment in this country. And I asked them, why as Jews are you concerned about this issue? They said well you know what, to the extent that Christianity is disparaged, that voice, that pro-life voice and this opposition to the most insane idea I’ve heard in my whole life, of two men getting married, I mean – that’s something that you expect in the asylum, quite frankly.”

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