He was always pro-life, even while he was pro-choice (and pro-death)

Campaigning in South Carolina’s Bible Belt over the weekend, Mitt Romney did the revisionist historytwo-step about his switch-over from pro-choice to pro-life, trying his level best to make conservative voters forget he campaigned on a pro-choice platform in his 2002 race for governor.

“I am firmly pro-life,” the former Massachusetts governor told
about 100 Republicans at a restaurant here. “I was always for life.”


pressed about his former stance in favor of abortion rights, Romney
said he knew he could do nothing to change the law while governor.
“Every act I’ve taken as governor has been in favor of life,” he said.

Every act? Even his impassioned battle to reinstate the
death penalty in liberal Massachusetts? Romney’s “gold standard”death penalty plan, widely acknowledged as merely a poorly-designed political ploy to garner Republican support for his 2008 presidential race, was defeated in 2005 by an overwhelming majority of lawmakers in the
Massachusetts House.


2 thoughts on “He was always pro-life, even while he was pro-choice (and pro-death)

  1. And Catholics, of all people, should hammer him on this.
    The official Church position is that the death penalty is immoral. It is part of the whole “pro life” idea.
    The man is a disgusting opportunist, but that’s not surprising: he’s a Republican in this day and age, and the two things are synonymous.

  2. of course, he feels compelled to defend to the rightwing his pro-choice flip flop but there’s not a similiar concern to defend his push for the death penalty. You can bet, even though it failed miserably in MA, he’ll get some political currency in the current pres. bid because he ‘fought the good fight.’

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