Yes Indeed!

Today Bush celebrated Volunteerism calling“for people to do
more of it. And there’s plenty of opportunities to find out where you
can volunteer. You can go, for example, on the web
page and you can find programs close to you that will give you an
opportunity to follow your heart.”
(BTW Don’t bother with their link as it doesn’t work)

Well opportunities grow less each year.Think Progress has the details on Bush’s committment to AmeriCorps which is one of those opportunities.  In ’03 he signed off on legislation which cut the program’s operating budget by 30%. Bush’s budgets proposed  cuts to the program in ’04, ’06, ’07 and ’08.

Bush certainly isn’t putting the bucks where his mouth is but then bear in mind the mouth as Yes Indeed! looks back at this moment which wasn’t exactly Kennedy-esque in its call for us to do…errr something. He did inspire the crowd to laugh at him though…

2 thoughts on “Yes Indeed!

  1. As a two term AmeriCorps alumni, I must point out the irony in this, as AmeriCorps was fought for by Clinton after being developed by Bush Sr’s administration as one of the ‘thousand points of light’ effort.
    remember those?? I miss the ‘thousand points of light’.

  2. I don’t believe in volunteerism, frankly. Well, it undoubtedly exists, but in too many cases, it’s an excuse for cheap-labour conservatives of all stripes to get free labour and materiel from people who desperately need to be compensated for it in ways other than having a thank-you letter on their wall. Too much of the time, it’s rich people exploiting poor people because poor people have time on their hands and social services agencies pushing them to do things like that to get “work experience.”
    If you really need someone’s time and effort, you should be able to afford to pay them minimum wage. Consider the difference between that and what they’d be making doing the job professionally (in my case, for instance, a significant difference) to be the “charitable donation” part.
    Sorry to be cranky, but I see way too much of government (even here in Soviet Canuckistan) abrogating its responsibilities to the citizenry because there are private agencies picking up the slack…

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