This aggression will not stand!


Helen Thomas may be about to lose her front row seat in the White House press briefing room.


Apparently, being the first woman officer of the National Press Club, the first woman member (and president) of the White House Correspondents Association, and the first woman member of the Gridiron Club, not to mention covering every president since John F. Kennedy,
does not necessarily entitle Thomas to a front row seat. But at this
point it’ s up in the air; White House Correspondents’ Association
President Steve Scully says only “I can tell you categorically no decisions have been made.”

The rationale for such a move? It seems the latest White House Press
Room renovations will only create one extra seat per row but many of
the cable news networks having been hankering after a front row seat for some time.


8 thoughts on “This aggression will not stand!

  1. One of them should better show some class.
    Posted by: mdhatter | February 14, 2007 at 04:06
    Someone should, but won’t–can’t risk pissing off the powers-that-be and losing that “insider” status. And this lily-livered excuse of an administration should be ashamed of itself if it follows through with its threat–but that won’t happen, either.

  2. I suggest a succesive series of challenges during pressers. The rules will be simple. The first correspondent to make Toadie Snowjob cry, use profanity, threaten said correspondent or stumble from the room in a confused stupor wins. He/She fills the first seat in the front row and is no longer able to participate until the remaining seats are filled.
    They could sell tickets, off White House betting. It would be cool.

  3. Simple solution: If Helen loses her seat, somebody with class who already has a front row seat gives it up to her. Surely there’s someone in the press corps…wait…hmmm…
    Well, I can always hope.
    But how pathetic for the Bush administration is this? You thought it was bad they couldn’t deal with the Iraqi resistance. They can’t even handle an 87-year-old woman. WATBs.

  4. wouldn’t it be justice if in unison, only helen showed up sitting in the middle. and that is all, except photogs.
    georgie’s nightmare.

  5. This is about controlling the box. They are playing to the ego of the press as individuals. Someone needs to look at this say to them, “Hey folks, we will get BETTER news if we let HELEN ask some questions.” And they need to think collectively instead of “I’ve got to get MY question in.” Why do you think that in the early days they had no follow ups in the President’s press conferences? Because if you couldn’t follow up and you didn’t have your questions answered NO other Press person would ask the President your question. They would only ask the one THEY were saving up! So it effectively stopped the questioning beyond the first level.

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