Epistolery Crit

My friend Dan writes to the NYT:

To the Editor:

It’s déjà vu all over again. On the same day that “The Build-a-War Workshop” (editorial, Feb. 10) rightly criticizes Douglas J. Feith, a former under secretary of defense for policy, and his superiors for cooked Iraq intelligence, the front page shows that no lessons seem to have been learned from our last run-up to war.

The news article describes interviews with “American officials, including some whose agencies have previously been skeptical about the significance of Iran’s role in Iraq.” But the administration’s pre-Iraq war subterfuge and the politically suspect timing leave me and millions of others wanting more proof than classified reports we can’t see and too-convenient discoveries of Iranian markings on explosives.

An unwillingness to challenge the administration’s assertions led us to war four years ago. I fear that we are being led there again.

Dan Lavoie
Brooklyn, Feb. 10, 2007