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  1. I LOVED what I heard.
    But what was even more impressive were the calls to CSPAN. With one or 2 exceptions, the callers loved him too. And even better than that, this included Republicans and Independents. The lines I heard over and over were, “After listening to his speech…
    …I was leaning toward Hillary, but now I’m going to vote for Obama.”…and…
    …and even though I’m someone who voted for Reagan and both Bushes, I’m voting for Obama.”
    This was the first time I’ve heard that many calls in agreement from all 3 lines.

  2. I have two great questions lingering in my mind, and they are
    “What will loudly affirming Barack Obama, a man who trumpets his religion as loudly as George W. Bush, mean for the status of atheists as America’s most hated minority?”
    “How will he do all the things he wants to do?”
    Regarding the first, I see a long campaign where the point hammered home at every stop is that Barack Obama understands family values because he is religious, reinforcing the assumption too many people make that religious faith is required for any kind of morality.
    But the second question is the one that really matters. The speech as I read it was very stirring, uplifting, etc., but there is a difference between rhetoric and action. I’m not terribly interested in that kind of rhetoric backed up by corporate giveaways, or right wing ‘compromises’ that eviscerate any kind real change, or responsibility that means common citizens sucking it up while real criminals like the polluters and pension funds and prison industry and so many others walk away. Consensus and compromise are lovely things, but if there’s one thing the Republicans have shown us for my entire adult life, it’s that some people are not worth compromising with. They’ve fucked this country since I could read a newspaper, and I’m sick of it. I’d love to hear how Barack Obama intends to turn their express line to Hell around, but have a sick, sinking feeling that nine times out of ten, compromise won’t do the job.

  3. Yay! OBAMA’S running!
    He’s the DLC’s l’il brown pet. Sorry for wording it so directly, but, it’s true. He’s set up to be Hillary’s Vice President, and make no mistakes about it. Neither the DNC nor the DLC expect him to get the Nom.
    As a member of the DLC, like Hillary, he’ll not get so much as a wooden nickle out of me. Hillary is being set up to be the ENORMOUS LOSER in 2008, and she will be.
    Yay! Obama’s running! Let him make all the glorious speeches that he wants to make (I KNOW that they WILL have a major effect on the Big race, and that’s why it’s good to see him in the race), and let him raise and spend all the money that he wants. I wish him luck.
    But, he’s not going to get the Nomination. Personally, I hope Hillary doesn’t either. We simply DO NOT need the Hillary Lightning Rod running against Saint John, or America’s Mayor, or Our Lady of Designer Shoes.
    The smart money, so far, this early, as I see it, is on Bill Richardson.
    It is a loooooooong way to 2008, but, of the Democratic Candidates running so far, Bill Richardson is the one who knows the “immigration issue” first hand (IS there an immigration issue? America seems to think so), has SOME idea for fixing the Medical System, and his state is running well, and he’s talking strong on defense issues.
    I LOVES me some Kucinich action, but, dammit if he’s always painted as a freak… I think he’s actually the STRONGEST of ALL the Candidates right now, but, the media has him cornered as a kook, DAMMIT, and why? because his name rhymes with spinach, and (gasp!) he’s a vegetarian– oh! and he’s kinda short, donchaknow. Pretty shitty reasons to shut out a fantastic Candidate.
    John Edwards’ wobbliness over the Amanda/Shakes issue jaundiced my eyes to him… Huckleberry Edwards ain’t gonna score points with anyone for being weak-kneed over a non-threat. YAY! he defended his employees, but, he didn’t take on Racist Donahue and Racist Malkin– BAD ON HIM. He needs to sack-up in a MUCH bigger way for me to want to even LOOK at him again as a viable Candidate.
    Richardson, kids… He’s keeping it quiet, as he should at this time, he’s got as much experience, probably more than Big Dog, and he is not OWNED and PWN3d at this point by any one.
    It’s early.
    Of course… The MINUTE that Gore throws in, all of these words will mean nothing, but, neither DLC Obama, nor DLC Hillary are getting a penny from me. If I WANTED a Republican, I’d vote Republican. I don’t, so why should I vote for one with a D(LC) after their name?
    I won’t.

  4. “What will loudly affirming Barack Obama, a man who trumpets his religion as loudly as George W. Bush, mean for the status of atheists as America’s most hated minority?”
    They will be ignored and left along by the righteous, as they wish and deserve to be.
    “How will he do all the things he wants to do?”
    With my help.
    That was easy.

  5. I have never heard Obama called a DLC insider before, and I respectfully disagree with the assertion.
    Sourcing that connection would be a great help to the debate.

  6. This country may be ready for a black president, but not Obama. We do not need a black muslim with a terriost middle name. He would see us out to his Arab brothers.

  7. JoeJoeJoe–
    Thank you!
    I stand corrected. I WAS under the impression that he was a DLC member from reading the DLC directory. I mean, hey, when an organization lists a person as a member, well– that’s a pretty authoritative sign that the person is, indeed, a member.
    I really appreciate the clarification. I’ve a feeling that others will as well.
    Something tells me that he was courted and pushed HARD by the DLC. It would seem that they thought that they had him “in the bag” at the time. I certainly did.

  8. I’m glad he’s in. But that doesn’t mean he has my support. The more the merrier & I hope the nomination process goes to the convention with no clear winner.
    I too like Richardson, & love Kucinich’s idea of the department of peace. Hillary is damaged goods, can’t or won’t say her vote for war was a mistake.

  9. Letter from Barack Obama to The Black Commentator, 6/26/03:
    “…I am not currently, nor have I ever been, a member of the DLC. As I stated in my previous letter, I agreed to be listed as “100 to watch” by the DLC. That’s been the extent of my contact with them. It does appear that, without my knowledge, the DLC also listed me in their “New Democrat” directory. Because I agree that such a directory implies membership, I will be calling the DLC to have my name removed, and appreciate your having brought this fact to my attention.”
    Obama is not and never was a member of the DLC.

  10. “They will be ignored and left along by the righteous, as they wish and deserve to be.”
    Because nobody ever goes on national television and declares that morality is impossible without religious faith.

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