6 thoughts on “Riverbend has new post

  1. Sigh. How many other Sabrines are there? It sure didn’t sound like this was anything the “peacekeepers” hadn’t done before.
    The other sad thing is that since these were *Iraqi* troops, it’ll just be spun as proof that the Iraqis are ungovernable savages, and *that’s* why our attempts to bring peace and democracy have failed so miserably.
    Assuming it gets reported at all, which it won’t.

  2. Go read the next post. Total denial by Maliki, nothing happened, the woman is wanted on arrest warrants anyway.
    I fear for Riverbend, what’s stopping the feds from finding her and making her disappear?

  3. i’m glad to see her back. her writing has certainly changed over time. so much anger now – and who can blame her for any of it? i hope she knows that we’re not all soulless mindless creeps. these Americans are behind her, and we’re praying for her, and for all the Sabrines.

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