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6 thoughts on “Riverbend has new post

  1. frenchdm says:

    Superb post! We lost Iraq the day the tanks rolled into Baghdad.

  2. Sandia Blanca says:

    How will America ever expunge our shame for this war?

  3. Eli says:

    Sigh. How many other Sabrines are there? It sure didn’t sound like this was anything the “peacekeepers” hadn’t done before.
    The other sad thing is that since these were *Iraqi* troops, it’ll just be spun as proof that the Iraqis are ungovernable savages, and *that’s* why our attempts to bring peace and democracy have failed so miserably.
    Assuming it gets reported at all, which it won’t.

  4. flory says:

    May George Bush rot in a thousand hells for all eternity plus a year.

  5. MsPiffers says:

    Go read the next post. Total denial by Maliki, nothing happened, the woman is wanted on arrest warrants anyway.
    I fear for Riverbend, what’s stopping the feds from finding her and making her disappear?

  6. WitchWay11 says:

    i’m glad to see her back. her writing has certainly changed over time. so much anger now – and who can blame her for any of it? i hope she knows that we’re not all soulless mindless creeps. these Americans are behind her, and we’re praying for her, and for all the Sabrines.

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