Oscar Night Through Vodka Goggles

Altas’ Juggs live-blogs the Academy Awards show — and only makes it through the first hour.

I usually avoid leftarded “award” shows like the plague but my girls are insisting I watch with them so here I am checking out the brainless “leaping out of their limos.”


“Alan Arkin is my idol,”Steve Carol (sp) of Little Miss Sunshine …oy


Penelope Cruz is the bomb, what a dress! She still can’t talk – how many years in this country?


Next train wreck, Eddie Murphy – attending with some totally hot fookin babe. Left his predilection for the little boys at home eh?


DeGeneres is hosting. My kids want to know why Ellen DeGeneres is dressed like a man. “Why is she always dressed like a man?” I am saying nothing.


Peter O’Toole looks like Bernie (weekend at Bernies).

Al Gore gets rabble rousing applause.

It’s a sad Little show. Going to walk Dagny, Will missing nothing I am sure.

Came back. Giving out awards now.

UGH. Of course short film win. Ari Sandel for WEST BANK STORY. Those cute cuddly Palis.
I’m done. It’s one schmuck after another.

4 thoughts on “Oscar Night Through Vodka Goggles

  1. oh MY GOD, she has spawn????
    leftards. doesn’t she know ritards works ever so much better.

  2. What’s wrong with Alan Arkin beng somebody’s hero?
    Trivia time: Did you know that Alan Arkin is credited as one of the writers of “The Banana Boat Song” (aka “Day-o” you know, Harry Belafonte, “Daylight come and me wanna go home”)
    Note the careful wording: I didn’t say he wrote it, I said he’s credited as writing it. As a member of a folk group called The Tarriers, who’s version of the song went to #4 on the Billboard charts in 1957 – Belafonte’s version only made it to #5, at the same time in ’57 – Arkin and the other Tarriers are credited as ‘songwriters’ because they mixed together “Day-o” with another Jamaican folk song (the name of which escapes me), thus creating a ‘new’ song and garnering the songwriting credit. Hey, royalties are royalties.

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