Clothes Whores

Just pimping the latest piece for Sirens:

I wouldn’t be so skeeved by commentary like this if there had been equal treatment of Illinois Rep. Dennis Hastert while he held Pelosi’s position. It’s not like Hastert’s fashion sense isn’t a target-rich environment, either: The man is the size of a small bus, and he chose to clothe that bus in suits that looked like he’d borrowed them from somebody on the way to the Capitol. Suspenders dragging his ill-fitting blue pants toward his chin, cheap jacket left sloppily unbuttoned and flapping like bat wings, Denny spent the entirety of the last State of the Union seated with his ginormous white-shirted belly thrust forward, as though inviting children to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

But did anybody ever worry he was diluting his power by dressing like that? Hell no. Nobody opined that it looked bad for Republicans to be represented by a Weeble.


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