Governors have issues

The National Governors Association has been meeting and find they are on the losing end with the Bush administration on children’s health care

In the session at the White House, when President Bush reported on
progress of the war, governors pressed him to provide more money so
they could guarantee health insurance for children. In response,
administration officials said states should make better use of the
money they already had.


Governors said the Clinton and Bush administrations had encouraged
them to expand children’s coverage and had granted waivers allowing
them to cover parents and even some childless adults.

successfully expanded the health insurance programs in their states,
some governors now suggest that the Bush administration is pulling the
safety net out from under many children.

The governors are also concerned with the readiness of the National Guard to respond to emergencies here at home given the Iraq War…

WASHINGTON — Governors concerned about the demands the war in Iraq is
placing on their National Guard forces met with a top Guard official
Sunday and said they were closely monitoring deployment of their
troops, worn-out equipment and how ready they would be for domestic

And they are hoping to reverse a move made last year regarding the President’s power to federalize the National Guard in emergencies…

Last year, governors unsuccessfully fought the change in federal law
that gave President Bush the power to federalize the Guard without
governors’ consent. Historically, governors have maintained control in
domestic emergencies, while the president’s control over the Guard was
reserved for overseas demands.

Now, state leaders hope to persuade congressional leaders to reverse the change.

In the Katrina Blame Game the wingnuts (example here)
often pointed to Gov. Blanco not allowing Bush to federalize the
National Guard during Katrina to deflect from Bush’s abysmal federal
response.  What is often overlooked is that every other American
Governor would likely have acted in the same manner as Blanco

All…yes ALL governors opposed the measure that now allows the Prez to federalize the Guard without their consent. From a letter sent last year to Congressional leaders from the Governors…

Fifty-one governors recently sent a letter to Congress opposing Section
511 of the House-passed bill because it would usurp the authority of
governors to command the National Guard in response to a “serious
natural or manmade disaster.” Since then, governors also have become
concerned with the Senate’s proposal to expand the President’s
authority to intervene in a state under the Insurrection Act (Section
1042) and proposals to federalize disaster response through the use of
reserve forces. Each of these proposals represents a dramatic expansion
of federal authority during natural disasters that could cause
confusion in the command-and-control of the National Guard and
interfere with states’ ability to respond to natural disasters within
their borders.