Cheney Shits A Brick

In Afghanistan…

Q What do you think the symbolism is there for the — for whoever carried this out? They said publicly that this was aimed at you. What does that —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Who said that?

Q The Taliban —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I hadn’t heard that.

Q It was a Taliban spokesman quoted, saying that the attack was trying to get you.

Q What we’re quoting them as saying is that they took responsibility for it, and they said they were aware that you were there.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I hadn’t heard that.

10 thoughts on “Cheney Shits A Brick

  1. An assassination attempt on the VP? Damn, we might have to invade Afghanis… oh, wait.

  2. Osama Ben Laden kept the Taliban in check. We weakened Ben Laden. The Taliban grows more Opium for us.
    Now we don’t like the Taliban.
    How many iterations are we gonna have to go through?

  3. Shorter Cheney
    “The Taliban trying to kill me is proof we are successful in Iraq”
    “The Taliban trying to kill me proves that we cant leave Iraq…”

  4. First let me say in the strongest possible terms that trying to kill the VP is just wrong, wrong, wrong.
    That is why we have elections and the rule of law in this country.
    Now what are the odds that this assassination attempt was not an external event? Maybe I’m watching too much 24. What if it had NOTHING to do with Cheney and the press were informed that the attack was out to get him? Might be a good way to show we need to crack down eh? Show ’em we are still large and in charge.
    But I’m just speculating. And as much as I believe that Cheney is bad for this country and responsible for much of our debt and the destruction we have unleashed, we need to remove him from office OUR way, using legal and electoral means.

  5. good thing he sold his sole to the devil. only thing keeping the bastard alive.

  6. Hmm…
    Bet the next time someone suggest a trip over that way, Mr. C will have “other priorities”.

  7. Does it bother anyone else that, years after 9/11, Cheney is getting better information about the Taliban from reporters than from his own staff?

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