Show Me the Money Flag.
Via Think Progress

One thing Bush likes to do in the Gulf Coast is hand out American flags
to families rebuilding their houses. Long before he shows up, Bush’s
advance team scouts the non-hostile property owners
in a neighborhood,
and later, the president drops by and gives the family a flag. The
White House thinks this makes for good pictures — and maybe it did, a
month after the storm. But a year and half later, with the region still
a mess and so many people displaced, it seems a little tone-deaf to be
handing out flags — politically, it does invite comparisons to what
Bush isn’t doing in the region

5 thoughts on “Tone-Deaf

  1. Sounds rather reminiscent of Bush’s speech from Ground Zero after 9/11… anyone have an opinion as to whether that was par for his tone-deafness or whether he’s got better or worse since then?

  2. Hi Scout. Ever since your announcement of Shrub’s visit to NOLA, I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen.
    Seeing this pathetic gesture of mock, empty patriotic, flag-waving without substance, I’m so incredulous that I’m beyond making a coherrent comment.
    I live in a very small rural town. On a certain patriotic day some organization always lines the main highway with flags. Within a couple of days, the degraded, rain-soaked, sun-bleached carcases of the flags, many of them plain sticks, are left littering the side of the roadway. The sad thing is that this certain patriotic organization seems to think that they’ve done something great for America by this tacky display.
    Not a bad picture of the significance of Shrub’s flag distribution.

  3. Tone-deaf is a key description of Bush in general, and certainly w/ regard to NOLA-I was thinking this a.m. about that speech he gave yesterday.
    You go somewhere that’s dying, that’s struggling to stay alive, that’s a complete wreck, where untold numbers of all kinds of people are living in misery,and you try and yukk it up about how you used to come here and get stoned and drunk or how the mayor smelled? And it’s not the first time he’s done that.
    Because it’s not for them in NOLA, it’s for the people that are going to see the blip on the news of the WH press release.

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