Bush as Dead Beat Dad

I listened to Bush’s speech in New Orleans on live feed at WWL. (transcript here) My
overall impression is that Bush reminded me of a dead beat Dad…hey the check’s in the mail what do ya want? I don’t even think it’s my kid.

Anyway it was somewhat depressing. I’ll have more tomorrow.

But for tonight go read Michael at 2millionth web log for more thoughts and a great photoshop…per Michael’s usual great work.

3 thoughts on “Bush as Dead Beat Dad

  1. Absentee father, may be closer to the truth. Everything Bush says points to the weaker half of a mother, father team. “We must show a united front”, “we must not reward bad behavior”. He tries to treat the Muslim world like little kids who have to be potty trained. As a matter of fact, all the republicans do the same thing. Bush seems to be trying to make up for not being around when his kids were small. I’m surprised no one has commented on it before!!

  2. ” Well, the answer is, there’s nothing better than being in the middle of a bright spot, a place that just shines with optimism,”
    did we paint this school too?
    “The first time I ever met him, we came in Air Force One right after the storm hit — a couple of days after, I think it was.”
    “And that’s one of the things that we’re going to continue to work on, to make sure that obligated money ends up in somebody’s pocket, so it helps.”
    whose pocket and who it helps not specified of course.
    It sounds like he’s doing a lot of inference that the people of New Orleans have just not been grateful enough.

  3. Thanks a million (or 2) for the link…and yes, it IS super depressing. Good heavens…
    Aside from it bookending the waste of blood and money overseas–and I won’t apologize for using the word “waste”–the government’s neglect of the entire Gulf Coast is infuriating, of course. And what’s even more infuriating is that I’m certain Americans, Louisianians, and New Orleanians would eagerly do the work…if the funds were there. As things stand, plenty of people ARE doing as much work as they can on their own nickel, but as you’ve pointed out so many times, there’s only so much that can be done on a volunteer basis…or by the undocumented folks who’ve been recruited as a “cost-saving” measure.
    And the executive branch can’t be bothered…even though the whole sorry situation makes a mockery of their boasting about “protecting the American people.”

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