4 thoughts on “Happy Howard Photo

  1. You know, Iv’e always liked Dean. That scream thing was blown way out of proportion by the MSM. I like him more than any of the Dem candidates. He’s passionate. The calculating political maneuvering we see from everyone is so tiring. Give me someone real, who’s not afraid to speak their mind. Choosing between him and Gore would be tough though. Gore, I think, has more gravitas. But, what do I know.

  2. Thanks, A. You put the crazy thoughts zipping through my congested head into order. Excellent advice. 🙂 I think I’ll try to avoid politics with her, until I can wrap my head around the “not trying to convince her” part!

  3. Witch. Oh boy. My first instinct is to say, “Don’t debate politics with her at all.” That’s the only way I’ve managed to stay civil with my family. We end up at politics sometimes, but I’ve made it very clear that if they want to have a political argument, they’d better be ready to bring it, and by “it” I don’t mean “that bullshit I heard Charlie Sykes spewing yesterday.”
    I do have one very conservative Republican who’s a close friend, and she and I laid down very clear rules for our political discussions. Most importantly, we admit up front that we are not trying to change the person’s mind, but rather inquiring how that person came to hold the opinions she now holds. “Why do you think that?” is a frequent question.
    We also admit up front that we’ll never agree, and it’s okay that at the end of the discussion we don’t agree. It’s really important because I tend to think of it as failure, my not convincing someone of something, so I need to have that rule handy.
    If your aunt wants respectful debate, she should be willing to adhere to something similar.

  4. Ok this has nothing to do with Dean, but I need help. I’m sick. But that’s not the problem. I just found out that my aunt, whom I haven’t spoken to since before I was an adult with thoughts, is…A WINGNUT! What do I do? How do I not explode whilst “respectfully debating” politics with her, as she now wants to do? OH MY GOD…I share genes with this woman. 🙁
    I’m going back to bed with my tissues and nasal spray.
    On the bright side, I’m so happy to have you guys. 😉

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