Dana Peroxide, Pants A-Fire

Ipointed this out at the time, but now more than ever it bears repeating: Dana Peroxide is a big fat liar.

From the Mar 6, 2007, gaggle (Fitzmas Day!):

Q And six of the eight people who were fired said today that their thoughts would be welcomed by the Justice Department and they could be freely and openly debated, but that that’s not the case. Is the administration trying to stifle dissent from these people?

MS. PERINO: I would refer you to Justice Department for the merits of their decision. But what I can tell you is that the Justice Department did, as with any agency that wants to make a change in a political appointee status, let the White House know that they were thinking of making a change of these political appointees and asking them to resign. The White House — it would have been unusual if they hadn’t told the White House about it. We did not disagree with their recommendations, and the Justice Department moved forward to implement their plan.

Q When you say you didn’t disagree, who was that? Was that —

MS. PERINO: The Counsel’s Office.

Q — at the President’s level or —

MS. PERINO: For sure, Counsel’s Office. I did check with Chief of Staff Josh Bolten; he does not recall if he was briefed on it or not.

Q How about Karl Rove’s office? Do you know if he was involved?

MS. PERINO: I don’t believe so.

2 thoughts on “Dana Peroxide, Pants A-Fire

  1. But the magic word was mentioned, “I don’t BELIEVE”.
    See if she had just said NO then she would be lying. But when she says “I don’t BELIEVE” then she skates. It’s a classic wiggle word.
    (Also see, “I don’t recall” and “I don’t think so”)

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