Credit where due…to Fix the Pumps blog

Quiteafewbloggers have posted about the defective NOLA pumps today.

One important point on this story that ought to be pointed out is that it was a NOLA blogger who got the Army Corps of Engineers’ document to the AP that brought exposure to this story. 

That blogger is Matt from the blog Fix the Pumps.

Just saying Matt should get some props.

(Well and so should all NOLA bloggers. Check out our sidebar for some links)

3 thoughts on “Credit where due…to Fix the Pumps blog

  1. Thanks for the link to McBride’s blog. He looks like he’s done a lot of homework on this, including running the specs on the individual pump components to prove that they couldn’t run properly as spec’d – and the results are terrifying. Apparently MWI is also linked with some dodgy contract for water-pumps in Nigeria that they’ve still not been brought to book over. I wonder if that ever came to light during the bidding process?
    Yes, I can understand the ACE was in a hurry – but then again, they would’ve been in more of a hurry if the 2006 hurricane season had been as bad as the ’05 one. It wasn’t. What is their excuse for making such a ham-fist and then saying, “oh, half a loaf’s better than no bread”? Particularly, if you’ll pardon the conceit, if you’ve paid the baker to deliver a whole loaf that’s nice and fresh and you get a half-loaf that’s almost entirely mould-ridden? Even if the baker’s a family member, you wouldn’t put up with that.

  2. Thealogie…Fix the Pumps is great. I know I did a post last summer or so about the pumps not working so it was known. But no one had this memo nor was the Jeb link out there.
    That hinky Nigerian deal was under investigation. See here…
    Not sure if anything came of it.
    What I like is that Jeb and gang went to Nigeria and didn’t pay their hotel bill. Secret Service was informed of that and Kitty Kelley has the doc for that here…
    Cheap bastards

  3. Matt has been at the Corps like a rabid dog. I’m so glad he decided to Blog instead of using a few NOLA neighborhood e-lists for the info he uncovered.
    Matt also holds meetings for the folks to go to and learn more about the Second Set of Lies to New Orleans.

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