Your President… wait for it… SPEAKS!

This time in a presser held in Mérida, Mexico

If Chimpy, Laura, and Limpbaugh Would Go Cold Turkey — That Would Do It

I made it very clear to the President that I recognize the United States has a responsibility in the fight against drugs. And one major responsibility is to encourage people to use less drugs. When there is demand, there is supply. And to the extent, Mr. President, that we can continue to make progress to reduce drugs, it will take pressure off of Mexico. So we have a responsibility.

Me Fail English? Unpossible!

Education is an important issue that is — for our two countries. And I appreciate your commitment to strong education.

Making Very Clear About The Facts

I talked to him this morning, and we talked about his need to go up to Capitol Hill and make it very clear to members in both political parties why the Justice Department made the decisions it made, making very clear about the facts.

Old Habits Never Die

He also made it clear in his question that the administration is very much involved with working with Republican senators to help find common ground between Republican Senators and Senator Kennedy, who is emerging as the lead senator on the Democrat side.

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