Don’t let Nagin fool ya man

The other day when I read of Nagin’s latest

New Orleans
Mayor C. Ray Nagin has suggested that the slow recovery and rebuilding
of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — which has prevented many
black former residents from returning — is part of a plan to change
the racial makeup and political leadership of his and other cities.

…I thought oh Christ on a triscuit.Adrastos sums it up best:

First, C Ray is the Mayor of New
Orleans, the slow recovery is *partially* his responsibility. Of
course, as the world’s oldest teenager, he doesn’t like the R word.
Second, the Louisiana pols who C Ray dislikes so much-Governor Meemaw
and the Landrieus-are heavily dependent on African American voters.
That “they” has no interest whatsoever in bleaching, ethnically
cleansing or, whatever you want to call it, the racial makeup of New
Orleans. C Ray’s buddy, Piyush (Bobby) Jindal is the likely beneficiary
of any demographic changes in the voters of Orleans Parish. Finally, as
we locals know, C Ray is opposed to re-opening public housing and
hasn’t lifted a finger to help poor folks return home except to vote
for him last Spring. If there’s a THEY, C Ray is one of THEM.

sick and tired of seeing C Ray’s chronic case of verbal diarrhea
rearing its malodorous head in the national MSM but as long as he’s in
office it will happen. They think that, because he speaks like a
character out of a Seventies blaxploitation film, that he’s anything
other than what he really is, a crony-capitalist style Republican who
changed parties to get elected.


UPDATE: Also from Dangerblond

Sugar Ray Nagin is saying that he is the only thing stopping a Vast
Conspiracy between the weather and the Landrieu family to keep black
people from returning to New Orleans. Thank god the white Republicans
came to our rescue and got him re-elected. Will all the black people
who have returned to New Orleans because of something Ray Nagin did
please raise your hands? Hmmm. I didn’t think so.

UPDATE: More from Facing South whose title succinctly makes the point… “Nagin’s Part of the Anti-Black Conspiracy He Decries”

6 thoughts on “Don’t let Nagin fool ya man

  1. I guess we’re all supposed to ignore the fact that Nagin is right, then? I swear, sometimes I think we should just ban white democrats from criticizing black politicians. The word Blaxplotation is almost assuredly going to follow any such critique.

  2. Soullite and Maple Street, that’s what we are saying. Ray Nagin IS one of these people:
    “…rich corporations would have the ability to move in, buy up land, build a pleasure trove for the affluent. In fact, my early predictions would be that casinos could move in and make it a gated playpark for the affluent.”
    He is feathering his nest, going around talking about how THEY are keeping black people from returning to New Orleans, and he is doing NOTHING about leveling the hurdles poor people face in returning home. He and his cronies are living the Limousine Life, right in front of our eyes, as though nothing had happened.
    He gets to play the race card just because he has dark skin? That’s bullshit. Let me see him do something that benefits black people here in this town, there was never a better time to do it. He doesn’t do, however, he just talks. Visionary, he ain’t.

  3. I am *NO* fan of Nagin, even from a distance. But at the same time, I do have to note that there is a partial truth in his *ahem* words.
    Those in the upper income brackets generally have better insurance. Are more likely to have flood insurance. Generally have a better “safety net”. Have more solvent funds to temporarily float on while the insurance pays off. Have more available capital to build anew.
    Taking it to the corporate level, rich corporations would have the ability to move in, buy up land, build a pleasure trove for the affluent. In fact, my early predictions would be that casinos could move in and make it a gated playpark for the affluent.
    Racism, The economic impact of historical racism, Institutional Racism, etc? Who knows.
    To me the shame in this argument is that my guess is that Nagin is pulling the easy and convenient “race card” and doesn’t have the skills to get the real racial issues on the table.

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