All War Is A Crime: Galactica Thread

First, some Starbuck pretty:

Second, some Jacob:

Lee stands in the Hall of Remembrance, unable to pin her to the wall. He looks down at her, up at Kat, nobody there to tell him who to be, or how to do this. He hears somebody enter the corridor and hides the picture: to be grieving, is this appropriate? Is this too much, or too little? There aren’t any rules, not with that much history behind it.

Third, some spoilers.

As always, with this show, from the miniseries onward, it’s never been the big expensive CGI that gets you. It’s never been the climactic battle scene. It’s Lee, out of uniform, being called Mr. Adama, and the way Laura shifts, just ever so slightly, facing him down. Shifts from loving him, loving him like she loved Billy and maybe the Admiral, like she loves all of humanity, shifts into that space where she’s above him, somehow, looking down and pitying his attempts to make her small. Because that’s how it is when you’re a fanatic. It doesn’t matter to you that somebody else sees through you. You believe it, and that’s enough, and it’s horrifying. I love crazy space Mom when she gets back on the junk.

It’s ugly, this trial, and it’s not because of all the reasons Zarek said it would be ugly. It’s not because Baltar, having lived his life in pursuit of the idea of himself as a messianc figure, is finally getting to see what that’s really like after all. It’s ugly because it exposes everything that everybody did on New Caprica, and every day since the attacks: Bill and Ellen, Hera’s blood, chamalla and visions and hatred and blame. And I think Lee’s getting off a little too easy, in that it’s not like he’s blameless, it’s not like he didn’t have his ways of coping, it’s not like his terrorism and rebellion was yesterday. I am skeeved to be even saying this, to be letting Gaius Baltar even a slightly little tiny bit off the hook here, but his trial isn’t even about him anymore, and maybe it never was. Because there were a lot of places everybody could have stopped it, and didn’t.

Quick takes: Sam and Seelix? There’s not enough NO in the world. When did Tory start losing it? TOTAL CYLON. And if you listen to Tigh’s crazy music backwards, do you hear what I hear? Also Tigh is starting to sound like the groundskeeper from Caddyshack. And they’d better not kill off Racetrack, she’s the only pilot I still like, because I am one of the six people on earth who do not find Hotdog attractive, Olmos’s kid or not.


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  1. Tori’s not a Cylon, that would be way too obvious. The music is definitely connected with Starbuck and not Earth. If I’m not mistaken, the radio is the same type that Starbuck had back on Caprica.

  2. Dualla? She doesn’t love the idea of him; she loves his bloodline, and the second he stepped away, I mean really stepped away from the Admiral, she got to packin’.
    She should marry the Old Man, and be the second wife to the Roslin, and *have done*.
    And, just for giggles:
    Girl, your pain about relationships has not even reached parity level.

  3. Tigh, Tory & Anders are all Cylons. Or at least that’s what the producers want you to think right now.
    And it took ’em long enough for them to decide that Dualla’s gotta go.

  4. Okay, folks, I’m willing to go out on a limb with my geekiness here.
    Two things from OLD BSG that might (*might*) shed some light:
    First, the first clue back then that they might have found earth was Apollo seeing a fragmented, staticky TV broadcast. Music, anyone?
    Second, in one of the cheesier bits, Starbuck got picked up by aliens/gods/FABULOUS men in white, got turned FABULOUS himself (i.e. white), and later on, Apollo died, then got FABULOUS himself. All of which is to say, if our heroic writers are even remotely using any of the old storylines, well, let’s just say I refuse to give up hope for Starbuck. And I think that Starbuck’s talking to them through the music.
    ‘Course, I’d have refused to give up hope for her, old series or no.
    Back to last night’s ep, I paused it right before the scene with Dualla and said to Mr. BuggyQ, “So far the only thing that really pisses me off about this episode is that Lee hasn’t told Dualla. Don’t you think a decision that big ought to involve consultation with his wife?” Boy, was I right.
    And once again, I want to make it clear that I firmly believe the only reason Dualla was with Lee at all is because he was a stand-in for the Old Man. Of *course* this was the thing that made her leave Lee–he was betraying the Old Man. She’s being absolutely consistent. She couldn’t leave him as long as the Admiral still respected him. Now, however…
    I’m worried, though, that the writers have painted themselves into a corner with the Lee/Adama relationship. I’m not sure you can plausibly come back from this. It wasn’t just the resignation or the helping Baltar–it was the betrayal of Crazy Space Mom. Bill’s not gonna forgive that easily, nor should he.
    Last, but not least, I have a theory about Tori. I think she’s sneaking a bit of Crazy Space Mom’s stash, and it’s giving her some *really* scary visions. Visions that include Sam and/or the music. I don’t think she’s a Cylon, but I think she’s afraid she might be. If she *is* a Cylon, she’s a Final Fiver, which means way more than just being a toaster, I suspect.
    I love this show for getting to me so much I come up with some crazy-ass theories just to fill my time between episodes.

  5. I liked this episode, but one thing bugs me. How is it that Lee can just take off his pin and suddenly not be in the military, when there’s still a war going on? If family issues trump fleet security in this universe the human race is fracked. And how is it that Dee leaves their quarters but Lee gets to stay in them when he’s no longer an officer? Sorry, the ex-military wife in me is more than a little confused by all that.
    On the flip side, I loved Helo’s reaction to the info about Hera’s blood being used to save the Roslin. There’s hope for character depth yet.
    Agree that Sam/Seelix is icky. I’ve been saying Tori is a cylon since she arrived on the scene, but if Sam’s one too then it gets interesting. How could Tigh be a cylon when he and Bill go way back and he appeared younger then. Have the final five figured out how to appear to age? They’ve all got bad grooming and vices down, if those three are cylons. Maybe that’s why they aren’t part of the larger collective.

  6. Idio, what I found interesting about Dualla leaving was that THIS was what it took to get her pissed off enough. Lee can frack somebody else, but it’s his betrayal of the thing she loves more than him, the idea of him, that kills her love.
    That being said, smart girl, because that man will never love anybody as much as he loves his own pain and specialness, and that is not a fun relationship to be in.

  7. I love crazy space Mom when she gets back on the junk.
    that’s almost exactly what I was thinking! Can MMcD chew some scenery or what? From her “what with the what now?” double-take after coming into the courtroom late to “just take care of it!” and all points in between.
    This was the first episode in a loong time that I had fun watching. The drama was there, they brought it, don’t get me wrong, but the intensity was just strung so tight and there was just enough surreal comedy that it was also a fun ride. Cy, Baltar, Bill, Laura were all really out there tonight. Greek drama shit.
    How vulnerable is that fleet right now? Cy’s fucked up, Lee’s stepped down, the Pres is stoned, Bill’s drunk and bitter, Starbuck is gone (for now anyway), Sam’s drinking, the Chief is sleep-deprived and henpecked.
    And what is going on with the sound? Sam heard it too and that look between him and Tory in the bar?
    Six was channeling some Starbuck getting up in Cy’s grill about Ellen.

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