Democrats defeat odious Republican Amendment to Katrina aid

I know there is much going on today but here are 2 videos from the House today.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) introduced a particularly odious amendment to the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007 which would have required recipients of rental aid to perform 20 hours of work per week to get any housing relief in a sort of work not welfare thingee. There was stiff opposition from Democrats to it and it was defeated 266-162.

The first video has about a minute of Rep. Hensarling explaining his
amendment. Then Rep. Maxine Waters and a passionate Rep. David Scott (D-GA) who said in part..

This amendment is cruel, it is cold, it is calculating, and it
is pandering to the schizophrenic dichotomy that has plagued this
nation since they first brought Africans on these shores from Africa.
And that is the issue of race and poverty.


The second video is Rep. Barney Franks (bless his soul) who has
done a great deal of work on this bill. A must see as at one point he

People have said well we want to improve the quality of their life.
Do members think Mr. Chairman that poor people are so dumb that they are voluntarily living in worse places than otherwise available to them?

And I just want to say kudos to Speaker Pelosi’s site The Gavel
which has a great Katrina page where you can see other videos and follow the
legislation by Democrats.