Unsworn, Behind closed doors

MSNBC reporting White House has offered Rove and Miers unsworn testimony behind closed doors. (added: also no transcript) Hopefully Dems will say not good enough.

UPDATE: Here’s a link for AP story which includes…

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY,said he would still press for White House aides to testify under oath,
saying that White House counsel Fred Fielding “indicated he didn’t
want to negotiate” whether Rove and others would have to appear in a
full hearing. “That doesn’t mean we’re not going to try,” Schumer


Schumer, however, had problems with it.

“It’s sort of giving us the opportunity to talk to them but not
giving us the opportunity to figure out what really happened here,” he
told reporters.

UPDATE: The Prez will be making a statement at 5:45 ET. CNN says he will NOT be calling for Gonzales to resign, rather that he sticks by him

7 thoughts on “Unsworn, Behind closed doors

  1. Don’t see Sen. Leahy agreeing to these conditions, particularly given his statements on Sunday about “half-truths.”

  2. Unsworn testimony behind closed doors means they intend to lie. There is just no other reason for it.
    However I have long given up hope that the Dem leadership will ever say “not good enough” to this clown of a president.
    My prediction — Dems agree to this, then weeks or months later when the lies are revealed the Dems will be shocked — Shocked! — that Rove would lie.

  3. “CNN says he will NOT be calling for Gonzales to resign, rather that he sticks by him”
    … He’s done for. Wasn’t Bush saying something similar about Miers before her political limelight sank without trace? And Brown? and possibly Rumsfeld?
    I suspect this is a last-ditch CYA. The Dems probably will say “not good enough” but what sort of teeth they have to back up such words I don’t know. (Never mind the will, have they the ability to steamroller over the admin?)

  4. Congress can subpoena anyone. Bush (Rove) can decide to ignore the subpoena, and Congress can then appeal to the US Supreme Court, which will, of course, side with Bush (Rove). But, by then the American people will know for sure that there are some impeachable offenses being hidden. Congress can then impeach if they wish.

  5. Because having Bush and Cheney testify, without being under oath, behind closed doors, worked so well with the 9/11 Commission.
    I never understood why the 9/11 Commission went along with that, and I am writing my Senators (who include Schumer) to tell them that Congress shouldn’t go along with that either.

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