Your President Speaks!

After a visit from Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand.

Hope They Had An Interpreter

We talked about the importance for the United States and New Zealand to work cooperatively in helping democracy in places like Afghanistan. We talked about North Korea and Iran, our mutual desire for these problems of nations wanting to have nuclear weapons to be solved in a peaceful way, by using the diplomatic process.

Reduce Gasoline To What?

I assured the Prime Minister that my initiative to reduce gasoline in the United States by 20 percent over the next 10 years was a realistic initiative that’s going to require new technologies, which we hope that other parts of the world, including New Zealand, will find useful to help achieve the common objective.

Plenty of Help

We understand this is a — some of the countries there have got difficult issues, and it requires New Zealand’s leadership with U.S. help to help solve the problems — and Australian help, as well.

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  1. Maybe I’m being too sensitive,
    but RE: the statement Holden tagged under “Plenty of Help” —
    does this statement give a subtle slur against New Zealand?

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