There is a quite a debate going on right now on the House floor on the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007. The Republicans have introduced 2 amendments, one that requires people to work 20 hours week to get any housing relief in a sort of work not welfare thingee. Dems are trying to explain that people were hard working folk forced from their homes by disaster and let’s show some compassion for fellow Americans.

I’ll try to get video up later.

UPDATE: It was Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R – TX) who introduced the amendment which required recipients of rental aid to perform 20 hours of work per week. It had to be “approved” work. It was just voted down 266-162. But geez 162 reps voted for this odious amendment.

5 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. Hey, why not hire local folks to work construction projects? Oh wait, that’s right, you’d actually have to pay them a decent wage, as opposed to the illegal immigrants that yer otherwise anti-immigrant GOP turns a convenient blind eye towards…and then turns another blind eye towards when it comes to health care/workman’s comp/housing, etc. (not to mention the fact that even collecting their sub-minimum wage can be an effort).

  2. Under the republicans last year our representatives and senators weren’t putting in 20 hrs a week of work, can we take away some of the benefits they got?

  3. Take away our “professional politicians” pay? Are you crazy?
    Our DemoPublicans are only doing their best, in the great American tradition, of making a buck whilst doing nothing but bleating like the sheep they represent.
    Your country (yes this Veteran sees no sense in supporting a lost cause and has left the building), needs a Progressive makeover.

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