Subpoenas and Contempt Power

Everything you wanted to know about Congressional Subpoenas and Contempt powers can be found in this nifty PDF, a report prepared for Congress in 2003.

After reading it I feel certain the Bush Assministration has very little legal ground to stand on in resisting any subpoenas issued in the US Attorney purge scandal.

2 thoughts on “Subpoenas and Contempt Power

  1. pansypoo says:

    i find it very funny that the one US pros the assministration was forced to fire FOR incompetence was the dyed in the wool bushie.
    of course georgie didn’t pick these people out, the names of republicans were forwarded to him. hopefully being on the court makes you grow as a person.
    i can only hope.

  2. hoppycalif says:

    Ultimately the US Supreme Court decides if presidential aides have to honor a subpoena by Congress. Given that that court has been packed with Bush supporters, it isn’t hard to predict how they would rule.

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