If this is Pork it’s one heckuva strange feast

Fixing this?




Trying to stop this from happening again?




Financing the elimination of the state and local matching requirements to obtain federal funds so devastated communities like Waveland, MS can finally rebuild?


(Waveland City Hall — still has not been rebuilt)



WingNuts, WaPo and now Bush in remarks today have characterized a portion of spending in the Iraq supplemental bill passed by the House today as Pork. That spending includes $2.9 billion in funds for Gulf Coast Recovery such as $1.3 billion for levee repair and covering the costs associated with waiving the local match requirements under the Stafford Act. The former is necessary for the protection New Orleans and the latter would remove an obstacle that has greatly hindered rebuilding of communities. It ought to be outrageous that such expenditures are considered pork as it’s insulting to the people of the Gulf Coast.

4 thoughts on “If this is Pork it’s one heckuva strange feast

  1. “And the animals looked through the window and saw the men and then the pigs. They looked at one group and then the other, and realized they couldn’t tell the difference.” (Paraphrased from the closing of “Animal Farm” by G. Orwell)

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. The giving of political favors (for votes) in the form of needed funding is NOT pork.
    However, Bush will veto. So this funding is going to have to go back into another bill, anyhow.
    So, depending how you look at it, this funding can be ‘pork’ twice, which will still not equal Bush, who is pork incarnate.

  3. But, but, but…I am SURE that if they wanted to build a gilded outhouse w/a Limoges porcelain plaque-decorated rare wood species bridge to Trent Lott’s new porch, that’s – well, that’s just fine!!!

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