Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Dana Peroxide must be out for a wax job because today we have the wildly untalented Gordon Johndroe running the gaggle.

It All Depends On Who Is Doing The Counting

Q So, in terms of the number of days since the Congress has had the funding request, there’s some dispute about that from the Hill. They say they didn’t really get a final version until a few weeks ago. Do you know what you’re basing your day count on?

MR. JOHNDROE: The day the President released the budget. He released both the FY 2008 budget, as well as the FY 2007 budget — released them both together and with as much information and specifics as possible that the Congress has called for in the past.

Q That was enough for them to have been able to start working on a bill —


Stuff The Invective And Answer The Question

Q One question about Speaker Pelosi. Has the White House invited her to give a briefing about her trip when she returns? There was a report to that effect this morning.

MR. JOHNDROE: We’ll listen to what she has to say after she returns from the Middle East. But I would note that she, earlier today, said that the road to Damascus is a road to peace. Unfortunately, that road is lined with the victims of Hamas and Hezbollah, and the victims of terrorists who cross from Syria into Iraq. It’s lined with the victims in Lebanon, who are trying to fight for democracy there. It’s lined with human rights activists trying for freedom and democracy in Syria. So, as we said yesterday, we don’t think these meetings are productive.

Q Just on the first part of your answer, has the White House specifically invited — you said you’ll listen, but has the White House invited her to brief any White House officials on her trip?

MR. JOHNDROE: I’ll check on that. I’m not aware of any at this time. She still has more countries to go to.

One thought on “Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

  1. Can you come up with a nickname for Gordon Johndroe?
    How about Gordon Dropout to commemorate his lack of a college degree? Flash Gordon to note his rise to the position of White House Spokesman from being the guy that guy that got Bush water back in the day to spokesman of the President of the United States? How about Gordon Toadyroe? Toady Johndroe? Kid Kool-Aid? Gordon Brownnose? A poor man’s Brownie? Liar Liar Pantsonfiredroe? Gordon ‘Way out of his depths’ Johndroe? Err Gordon (like Air Jordan)? Asshat McLickspittle? Gordon F.L. Johndroe (the F.L. is for frackin’ liar). I’m a big fan. A big, big fan.
    More on the eminently detestable suckup to power Gordon Johndroe at the link.

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