Worse than ever

From the Times Online

Life for ordinary Iraqis is getting worse as they try to live with a poor
healthcare system, little electricity, a shortage of drinking water and
bodies left lying on the streets in unsanitary conditions, a report by the
Red Cross has revealed.

A mother living in Baghdad told the Red Cross that dead bodies were a constant
reminder of the conflict. “The most important thing that anyone could do
would be to help collect the bodies that line the streets in front of our
homes every morning. No one dares touching them,” she said.

“For us it is unbearable to have to expose our children to such images every
day as we try to bring them to school.”

This morning a community leader from the Jihad area of west Baghdad pleaded
with the Iraqi Interior Ministry to clear the bodies from the streets in the
area. He said: “We have five bodies in the street and nobody dares to
collect them.”

Although the army does most of the fighting, it is left to the police to clear
away the dead bodies.

3 thoughts on “Worse than ever

  1. I just don’t understand why the good news isn’t reported. Sure, there are a few human bodies laying in the streets every morning, but at least they aren’t going to be urinating in the doorways. You’d think that the media would report the success of this effort at solving the homeless problem.

  2. It’s heartbreaking to try to imagine being a mother of a school age child, worrying about one’s child seeing dead bodies in the street every day on the way to school. And we did this. We took the country and broke it and let the worst elements of the society take over and loot and destroy everything, so that decent people are living lives we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.
    And all so that Georgie Porgie could show that he was a better man than his father. So that he could get reelected. So that Halliburton could make more money.
    I’m heartsick.

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